Investment & Pension Planning


Janet & John approached PMN to help them review their pension and investment arrangments.

During our initial discussions, we agreed their investment objectives to be:

  • To achieve a target retirement income. 
  • From their 60th birthdays.
  • In the most tax efficient way.

PMN's Approach

  • Our review identified their current position and considered their retirement aspirations in detail.
  • Using cash flow modelling we arrived at the appropriate savings level to meet their requirements.
  • We clarified whether this was affordable and realistic, before recommending the most suitable strategy to achieve this.


  • PMN recommended Janet & John used all available savings allowances.
  • This included their full ISA allowance and Pension annual allowance.
  • We also focussed on the use of their dividend and Capital Gains Tax allowances.
  • The cash flow model helped drive the acceptable risk profile for each savings vehicle, by confirming the investment time frame.

Review Process

  • At each annual review meeting we were able to benchmark the actual results against the original cash flow model.
  • We were also able to update the latter to take into account the investment performance.
  • The portfolios have been rebalanced at each review meeting to take account of changes to the global economy.


This case study is an example only, and financial advice should always be sought before making any investment decisions. The value of investments can go down as well as up and you may get back less than the amount invested.
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