PMN’s 25th Anniversary

14th Jul 2017

By now you will have navigated through our new website to reach our first ever blog. This website is quite an upgrade on the previous one, and has been deliberately launched to coincide with PMN’s 25th anniversary.

We started on 1st July 1992, when websites, emails, blogs and social media were not even figments of our imagination.

Looking back, it was a difficult time to launch a new independent financial advisory firm. The country was in a deep recession, and even the Queen referred to 1992 as her “Annus Horribilis”. I remember Pete and I thinking that it was actually a great time to start a new venture as things could only improve.

The FTSE 100 Index stood at 2,525, and the Bank of England Base Rate was a whopping 9.875%, with similar mortgage and bank deposit rates.

Let me take you back in time, it was quite a year…

In politics: John Major won the General Election, after Neil Kinnock snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. His administration was elected with a small majority, but as we remember, it was constantly undermined by splits on Europe, and whilst lasting to 1997, the majority was reduced by a series of by election defeats. Note the parallels!

George Bush (the first one) was replaced by Bill Clinton, whilst Russia was led by a different Boris.

In sport, Leeds United won the last football league championship, before the advent of the English Premier League (and Sky TV). Nick Faldo won The Open, whilst in a twist of fate, Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi won the Wimbledon women’s and men’s singles.

Silence of the Lambs won the Oscar for the best film. Amongst the most popular television programmes were Neighbours, Gladiators, Noel’s House Party and This is Your Life. Erasure, Jimmy Nail, Wet Wet Wet, and Right Said Fred had number one singles, and Whitney Houston’s “I will always love you” was the best-selling single.

Many things have changed and not just in politics, sport and entertainment. Fashions and trends constantly fluctuate, but during all of this, PMN has endured and has been here for you.

Both Pete and I, supported by Ashley (until his retirement) and John have loved leading this firm over the past quarter of a century. We have constantly evolved, building a team for all generations, so that we can hopefully be here for our 50th anniversary. Please look at our 2017 client letter for more details by clicking here.

This will be the first of many blogs, so watch this space, but for now, it is a fitting opportunity to say thank you to all those to have contributed to PMN’s 25 years, that is both our team and our clients.

Please keep watching, and viewing our website and twitter feed. The latter enables us to alert you to useful articles and news, and you can follow us at or by simply clicking on the twitter icon at the top of our website.

Mark Dipple, FPFS & Partner

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