Who We Are

Independent. Experienced. Highly Qualified. 

PMN Financial Management is an independent wealth management and financial planning firm. It was originally established as a general partnership on the 1st July 1992.

In January 2020, we became a limited liability partnership (PMN Financial Management LLP). This was merely a change in our corporate structure, reflecting the trend adopted by professional practices.

The firm operates out of its office in Farnham. It is independent in 2 ways: it is owned by the founding equity partners, and provides independent advice to its existing and new clients.

Our team are very experienced. PMN have been advising clients for over 25 years, and the team have combined experience of over 150 years as advisers. This is an essential quality to helping clients cope with a range of different situations. We’ve been there before.

Our team are highly qualified. Out of 3 partners and 3 advisers, five are Chartered Financial Planners. Whilst four are Fellows of the Personal Finance Society. This is one of the highest ratios in the profession and underpins the technical quality of our advice.

The team is key. We work collectively to help our clients.

What We Do

Listen. Appraise. Advise. Review.

The old adage “two ears, one mouth, use them in that order” is so important.

We listen to our clients. Whilst wealth can be the catalyst to needing advice, we need to know about your aims.

We will challenge you, so that we can appraise your position, and take time with you to enable us to learn as much as we can about you, your goals and your attitude to risk. 

We will apply our collective experience, drawn from advising clients over 25 years. All of this helps us to shape the most appropriate strategy to meet your needs and provide advice that is personal to you.

Our work has then only just begun. We never forget how important it is to review your affairs regularly, against changing circumstances.

Our role is to provide you with financial peace of mind, allowing you to focus on the more enjoyable aspects of your life.

How We Do It

Consult. Implement. Service.

We work closely with all our clients. We consult with you, building a partnership to ensure that our advice is clear, and meets your objectives. We will discuss and agree the strategy that is most approprite for you and your capacity for risk.

We will explain our fees and all ongoing costs clearly to you. These are never hidden, and they will be agreed before you incur these. We will only implement our recommendations after a further meeting to explain and to ensure that you understand these.

We will meet with you regularly (at least annually), and provide detailed minutes as a record of these meetings. We benchmark performance and progress against your original objectives. These review meetings are key.

Our service is personal. You will have at least one adviser working with you. We are there for you, for any questions, or concerns, on an ongoing basis. We aim to simplify matters for you, and let you spend time on the important and fun things in life.

PMN Planning Process

Step 1: Meet

  • Disclosure documents
  • Financial position
  • Agree fee basis
  • Agree objectives

Step 2: Advise

  • Research
  • Agree strategy
  • Report
  • Recommendations

Step 3: Implement

  • Apply
  • Invest
  • Fee invoice
  • Documents

Step 4: Review

  • Performance analysis
  • Material changes
  • Revisit objectives
  • Rebalancing